About The Blogger

Hi everyone,

Thank-you for stumbling along my blog. I hope that you enjoy reading the posts and maybe it will inspire you in some way. This blog will have posts about self help tips, books, book reviews, history, travelling and veganism.

I’m a typical 90s/early 00s kid, who loves to travel and isΒ veganπŸ‘£πŸŒ±Β I’ve been vegan now for a year! I have a BA in Modern History, graduated in 2016πŸ“š and I’m currently a MA Medieval Studies student whilst also working part-time.🌸 I watch way too much TV shows, read too many books and I am full of wanderlust. πŸ’• I’m not sure on what job I want either something to do with helping the environment, tourism or publishing!



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