Rain Thoughts: Embrace Your Flaws โ˜‚

Today I was inspired to write. This is a good and a bad thing. I should be inspired to write my 20,000 word dissertation that is due in September, though Iโ€™ve been (kindof) patiently waiting for a confirmation to allow me to go part time. This inspiration hit me whilst I was walking home in the rain. A bag full of shopping and in another a bag with hair dye inside. Yes, I am dying my hair again. I dyed it brown about a month ago but now itโ€™s turned back blonde. It was raining and it made me think of my wild curly hair. An odd thought I suppose to someone who does not know the background to this thought. Growing up, in comprehensive school (so from about the age of 11/12) I was always embarrassed by my curly hair. In my school it was the norm for the girls to have long straight hair and a face full of makeup. Sure Iโ€™m not going to knock anyone for their appearance at all, but I know that due to my curly hair which was always tied up and my face full of no make up, I wasnโ€™t at all โ€œpopular.โ€ Nor did I want to be and throughout my later years of school I developed a big friendship group who hanged out โ€œby the benches.โ€ We werenโ€™t popular at all and often people thought of us as โ€œweirdโ€ because we did not fit in to their norms. We didnโ€™t care at all. We were ourselves and just because we didnโ€™t fit in, I think thatโ€™s what made our group special. Though, this is a thought about my hair which once I started Year 9 (so I was 13/14) I started to straighten and I wore make up too. Though, because itโ€™s wasnโ€™t necessarily something I wanted to wear, I always did it wrong and had that awful orange line on my cheek. It was even so bad that I straightened my hair every day for hours and would never leave the house without my hair being perfectly straight. I would dread weather like today, which always made my then straight hair puffy and when it rained it would start going half curly. Today, at 22 years old Iโ€™ve learnt to embrace my curly hair. I love how wild it can be sometimes and even though once it made me want to apologise for it today I love it. So this I guess might be a message to embrace what you think may be a flaw. I could never be someone today who spends hours straightening their hair and putting on my makeup. This isnโ€™t at all knocking people who do that and if you do that entirely for you then you should be happy with that fact. Do it for yourself not because you want to hide who you really are.


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