May Favourites ๐Ÿ’‹

So here is a list of my favourites for the month of May! I haven’t done a Favourites blog post since March! You can see the post here. So this Favourite’s post is long overdue!ย Enjoy reading! โœจ

1.) RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 9)

I started watching RuPaul’s Drag Race at the end of May on Netflix, I started on Season 9 as it’s the most recent series and I am obsessed! I probably won’t watch the older series though as I just do not have enough time in the day but it is so good!ย I’d recommend you to watch! I know a lot of people who had watched it before and recommended it to me but it wasn’t until I watched it over a friend’s house that I decided to watch season 9.


2. Charity Shopย Bargains

On my payday I had a mini shopping spree and treated myself two t-shirts from a Charity Shop. I very rarely buy myself clothes and when I do, I try to buy them from charity shops. I really don’t want to contribute to “fast fashion” which is not good for the environment! Although, I do buy my underwear from big clothes shops. So here are my two t-shirts that I bought from my local British Heart Foundation charity shop. ย The elephant top cost me ยฃ2.50 and the striped rabbit one cost me ยฃ4.50.


3. Outlander (TV show)

So I’ve only watched about six episodes so far and I’m still only on season 1 but the ones I’ve watched are super interesting! It’s based off a book series. The plot starts off in 1945 just after World War II when Claire and her husband travel to Scotland for a few weeks before he becomes a lecturer in Oxford, whilst they are there Claire ends up accidentally time travelling to the mid 1700s. I won’t give to much away but its during theย Jacobite rising so when she arrives in the new place it’s almost war time.


4. 1940s themed make-up

So this month, I have been doing my make-up in a 1940’s themed style. I’ve been wearing two shades of brown eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and bright red matte lipstick. I very rarely wear makeup at all but I’ve really felt inspired to try something new and therefore this what I am doing. I’m hoping to try a 1920’s style next! The brands I’ve been using are Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint in the shade “Paparazzi Red” and I bought a Sleek eye shadow palette. Both these brands are vegan and cruelty free!

5. Learning British Sign Languageย 

On the 19th May, I went to a British Sign Language for beginners class, I’ve always been curious about learning sign language as it is a really good skill to have! I remember when I was about 8 years old my sister (who had I think learnt it in her childcare course) taught me how to do my name in sign language, of course I forgot it a few hours after she taught me but I’ve still been super interested to learn. I currently work in retail and I would love to be able to know some basic words to help someone in the shop if they could not communicate to me through speech! I also think sign language should be taught in schools, even if it’s only a days workshop. When I was in school we had a drug/alcohol/driving/sex workshop, it was a one-off thing and we had it at the end of Year 10 so they should definitely do a workshop regarding sign language and other skills for younger children. Maybe in Year 8 and do other stuff like stress management etc. So basically the class was really fun and my teacher called Dai, was deaf so it was really interesting to learn from someone who uses sign language every day to communicate with people! I really want to learn more but there isn’t any classes until September but if you guys want me to do a blog post on what I learnt in the class then comment below and I will write one for you!

What are your May favourites? Do you have any plans for June? Let me know in the comments as I love hearing from you!!


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