13 Reasons Why I Am Happy πŸ˜Š

So as last week wasΒ Mental Health Awareness Week (8th-14th of May) I thought that I would take time to write a list of 13 Reasons Why I Am Happy. This was inspired because I follow some of the cast of the TV show 13 Reasons Why on Instagram and they did a tag for Mental Health Awareness Week #13RYIMHAPPY. So I thought that I would write down what makes me happy and hopefully this inspires you to write a list too!

So number one… My family, sure not everyone family is perfect but I am happy and grateful that I have two lovely parents, two supportive sisters and two happy nephews and two happy nieces (soon to be three in the next few months!)

Number two…Β My boyfriend and best friend, who is also my family so he also could fit into number one too. He has been in my life for 3 years and 8 months and he turned my life upside down. Don’t worry, that’s a really good thing! We met when we were 18 years old and the first few days into University so sure he hadn’t been in my life through GCSEs and A-Levels but we met when I was looking for someone exactly like him! He allowed me to be who I wanted to be, allowed me to grow into a person who I wanted to be, travel the world (not all of it yet though) and bring so much happiness. I am grateful for every day we have together and I am excited for all of the adventures we have to experience in the next few years and hopefully the next 70 years!

Number three…Β My best friend who I guess is also my family too so number one applies to you too. The girl who has been there for me through my first… everything really! We met in Year 7 (so 10 years ago now!) but didn’t become best friends until halfway through Year 8. I am grateful for all the times you have been there for me, for supporting me, for all of the teenage memories and the adult ones too. For hosting many sleepovers, for going for long walks and getting our sherbet intake, for the travelling to Poland and Guernsey and for so much more! We live 6 hours apart now but I will always be there for you when you need me and if that means jumping on a train and being at your house 6 hours later than I shall! πŸ’•

Number four… I’m grateful to all the amazing people I have met whilst living in my current area and the people who were my friends during my Undergraduate degree at University. I’m not a social butterfly nor do I want to be but there are a few people who I have let myself get close to these past few months and years overall. You people know who you are. Thank-you for being in my life, for bringing me laughter (memes for some of you) and for telling me stories about all the adventures you get up to.

Number five… TV SHOWS! There are so many TV shows out there that I am either watching, have watched or have yet to watch. I watch way too much TV and get super attached to the characters and it makes me genuinely sad when shows get cancelled or end naturally especially when it’s not the outcome I wanted. I’m looking at you DAWSON’S CREEK and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES so they make me happy!


Number six…Β Sarah J Maas’ book series A Court Of Thorns and Roses. I’m so excited for her next novels that will come out next year, though it won’t necessarily have all the same characters. Her writing style, her characters, her world just makes me happy. So I guess even though this is linked…

Number seven… BOOKS! They make me very happy. When I am older I would love my own little library filled with books.

Number eight… Travelling! and being able to travel! I am incredibly lucky that I can travel out of my country easily into another. If many of you read my blog posts then you’ll understand my passion for travelling and experiencing new cultures. Travel is something that I know is in my future, even if it’s just visiting other parts of the UK.



Number nine…Β Animals! I just want to hug all of the animals. I guess that’s why I am vegan (not because I want to hug them all) but they make me happy. Just even seeing them makes me SO happy and can make my day! Also hopefully being able to get my cat in November makes me happy!

Number ten…Β Having a job. I am very lucky to be able to have such a lovely job with an amazing team! Everyone I work with are so lovely and I genuinely do like working there. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to work in such a nice place as jobs are hard! I’ve been at my current job now for 6 months and I also get to look at these cute cards which make me super happy:


Number eleven…Β Being at university and having the option to be at one. Sure my course isn’t exactly what I wanted it to be but I am very lucky to be doing a postgraduate degree and even luckier to already have an undergraduate degree. Here is a photo of me handing in my dissertation for my undergraduate degree.


Number twelve… Watching YouTube videos and listening to music. Having these widely available to me makes me happy and just watching a video or listening a song can completely change my mood or inspire me to do something!

and lastly… Number thirteen…Β FOOD! Having an abundance of food available to eat and though people think my diet might be restricted due to my veganism, trust me it’s not! Food makes me happy and trying new food makes me even happier.

Comment below 13 Reasons Why You Are Happy! I love to hear for you allΒ πŸ’•


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