A Day’s Food Diary Of A Vegan πŸ½

So if you’ve clicked on this post, it may be because you want to go vegan or veggie? or maybe you are just interested in what I eat? So I thought that I would do a day’s food diary to let you guys know that being vegan (and kindof on a budget) is easy to do! Hopefully it’ll inspire you to eat less meat and dairy free or just give you more of an insight to what a vegan eats in a day. So I hope you enjoy this post! and let me know in the comments if this has been useful or interesting at all! I’d be happy to do another post like this in the future, if you guys like this one!

Breakfast 9.30am:Β Alpro Soya Yogurt (Blackberry) and a piece of bread with Peanut Butter. I always use Meridian’s Organic Peanut Butter as it is 100% nuts and palm oil free! Palm oil is so bad for the environment so I’ll let you google why yourself. The yogurt cost me Β£1 in Sainsbury’s and I got this tub of peanut butter for Β£5.50 (it’s 1kg) from a local organic shop in my town.



Snack 12pm: VEGO (okay if you haven’t tried this chocolate yet then you need to! …you don’t even have to be vegan to have it!) So maybe eating a whole bar of this isn’t exactly healthy but I had a meeting at 1pm for university that I had to go to and didn’t have time for lunch! This bar of chocolate cost me Β£3.50, but there are other cheaper vegan chocolate alternatives out there! Like Bournville, which last I checked was Β£1.50 on offer for a whole bar!


Lunch 4pm: Beans on bread with vegan butter and marmite. Okay, so it sounds like an odd combination but trust me when I say it tasted so good! Just spread a little bit of marmite on top of your bread and butter then add the beans. Super yummy and marmite is so good for you as it contains a lot of B Vitamins. I also had a black coffee with my lunch. I used one can of beans which I purchased from Aldi for 23p.


Dinner 8pm:Β Β Sainsbury’s Sweet Potato Laksa Meal Soup with some boiled potatoes. My boyfriend bought this for me a few days ago but as it is quite small, I couldn’t have it as a full meal. It cost Β£1.80 and I also added four boiled potatoes with it. To be detailed, they were Sainsbury’s Maris Piper Potatoes, I bought a bag of them for Β£2 about a week ago and the use by date was today!



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