5 Month Life Update! ☀

Can you believe its almost June already? I mean this year is flying by and with a general election soon approaching in just over a month (for the UK), I thought that I would let you know whats been going on in my life this year! So I hope you enjoy reading and that it makes you think of how much you’ve achieved/done this year already. 😊

Also due to my Masters degree, I will only be posting on Fridays. If you check my blog regularly then you already know that I usually post on Mondays and Fridays but I will only be able to post on Fridays due to an exam and dissertation writing.

So let’s go back right to the beginning of this year, to when I started this blog and made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve this year… If you don’t remember then I’ll link them here so you can give them a read too, I also did a one month update on those goals here.  So I will write what happened in my life in the following (now past) months of this year…


I spent New Years with my friend, we ate take away and played Exploding Kittens before going out clubbing! It was really fun but I had work the next day so I couldn’t get too drunk. I also had an essay due in for the 11th January so I spent the first half of the month at my job or writing my essay. I also went to Birmingham and visited a friend for his 22nd birthday around the same time my essay was due, it was so nice to meet up with them as since we finished university in July I hadn’t seen them much. (As I don’t haven’t asked permission I can’t put any photos up of my friends). After I handed in my essays my semester two of my Masters degree started. This semester I had four modules which were an Art History module focusing on stained glass in medieval churches, a Literature module focusing on Viking poetry and then my two skills modules Old English and Palaeography. I also celebrated Welsh Valentines Day (also known as Dydd Santes Dwynwen). January marked 6 months since I graduated from my undergraduate degree and my parents visited at the end of the month as they were travelling to Scotland and Ireland.


After being a Christmas Temp at my job, February was the month that I was given a contract which I was super happy about after worrying that I wouldn’t be given one. At the start of the month (7th February to the 10th) I visited my friend in Plymouth, it was long overdue! 💝 Then I was back for Valentines Day and celebrated it with my boyfriend. After falling back in love with reading (thanks to Sarah J Maas) in January, I went to my local Waterstones event which was a 20% student discount evening and bought waaaay to many books. I did a post about that here. Then at the end of February, I had three friends visit and we visited the Yorkshire Moors and a few abbeys in the area.




March was the month of panic! …Well kindof. I had two exams that month for my Old English and Paleography. Then I also had a dissertation proposal due and two essay plans (and starting the essays). I’m also pretty sure I had my essay result from January back this month too (?). Basically I was very busy and very stressed that month and as well I was working too a lot. Though, it wasn’t all stress me and my boyfriend saw some trainee guide dogs and retired ones at University! On the 26th of March I flew to Sicily with my old university and spent a week there looking at all the amazing Ancient and Medieval sites. My boyfriend had to do research so it was more of a holiday for me. I got back into the UK on April 3rd.




A month of more stress as I had two essays due on April 19th, after coming back from Sicily I was straight into essay writing mode whilst also working at my job. Then after I submitted the essays I started watching Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix, and I though now I can relax but nope… This happened “A SNAP ELECTION ANNOUNCEMENT” and I also had a 1,000 word (second) dissertation proposal to do for May 1st. I also went back to my parent’s for a night, as my parents have sold the house I grew up in and are moving. Which meant I had to sort out my old bedroom, I was also supposed to go to the dentist but they cancelled on me. I missed my connection in Manchester to get back to where I currently live as the train was 30 minutes late which meant I didn’t get back home till 1am (I was not a happy Sophie.) I celebrated St George’s Day on April 23rd with my boyfriend and then a few days later my friend (who I visited in Plymouth) booked train tickets to come and see me in June!



May is the current month that we are in and I already have lots of plans coming up so I’ll do a little list of things I have to look forward/done this month. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas was released on May 2nd so I have just finished reading that today and on the same day ACOWAR was released, a few friends and I had A Lord of The Rings Movie Marathon!! I haven’t really been working that much this month either, I was doing 5 days a week but now I am doing 2 days, I think overall that’s a good thing as I do have an exam next month and I have to start writing my 20,000 word dissertation and I have a dissertation presentation and workshop on the 25th May! *panics* So here are a few more things I have coming up this month… my family (apart from my dad) is going to New York which means my dad will be visiting at the end of the month, I’m excited to spend time with him! I also have another friend visiting at the end of the month if he can get time off work and as my friend from Plymouth is visiting at the start of June, I have to plan our days out and get her a birthday present as her birthday is also at the start of June! Also as June is around the corner, I have to start thinking politics and decide who I am going to vote for as well as father’s day being on June 18th which means I should probably buy a card this month too and start looking for a present for him!


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