6 Countries in 1 Month: Frankfurt (Germany) Review âœˆ

So after having an amazing time in Berlin, we got a super early train to get to Frankfurt. Once we got there we had two friends waiting for us in the train station. I’d been to Frankfurt the summer before (June 2015) and really liked the city but this time was so different. The whole reason for us to visit (us being my boyfriend and I) was due to a gaming tournament Dota 2 to be exact and the event was called ESL One. Next week is my LAST review of my blog series “6 Countries in 1 month”. Here is a reminder for the places we travelled to:

🌟Belfast, Northern Ireland.

🌟Dublin, Ireland.

🌟Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

🌟Rome, Italy.

🌟Barcelona, Spain.

🌟Florence, Italy.

🌟Bologna, Italy.

🌟Milan, Italy.

🌟Berlin, Germany.

🌟Frankfurt, Germany. 

🌟Cologne, Germany. – Review will be posted 21/4/17

Where we stayed:

As I had previously visited Frankfurt, I booked a hostel in the city centre in which was what I thought was a good location. The location had been fine the year before. The hostel was called Smart Stay Frankfurt Station and for an 8 Bed Mixed Dorm Ensuite for 3 nights it cost both of us €89.40. The hostel itself was lovely, the reception area was spacious and there was a room next to it with chairs and a TV. The room was also okay, with bunk beds and it was clean too. The location was what let it down. The road outside our hostel was where homeless people slept and spent their time. I’m going to say this now, I have nothing against homeless people, I wish the government would help them and I know that in a lot of situations it is not their fault of the position they are in, but what made me uncomfortable is that a lot of them were doing drugs. I saw one woman injecting heroin into her stomach on the street in the daytime, a lot of them were obviously already high with some of them lying on the floor screaming. It really upset me and I wished that the government or the police would help them. There were police officers walking around the street making sure the people was not causing us any harm. The next day, whilst I was walking with my friends back to the hostel, my bum got grabbed by a prostitute. I’m not sure if she was trying to force me to give her money but we just carried on walking as I was very uncomfortable by this. Even just walking around that area, I noticed that a lot of people were high on drugs or just in general homeless. It was incredibly sad as the year before nothing like that had happened.

Where we went:

I had already done a lot of the touristy stuff the year before such as visiting museums etc and as the ESL one tournament was a two day event, we spent most of our time busy with that. We did have a day exploring the city and showing our friends places we had previously visited. Though by my experiences above, I did feel unsafe and was quite glad when we were in the tournament arena. I actually didn’t take a lot of photos due to the event but here is one I have of it below.


⭐⭐ 2/5 stars. I think my earlier writing sums it up. I would not visit again. Also I’ve already been twice.


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