Things To Look Forward To In May! πŸŒ»

So May is next month and there is quite a lot of things I am looking forward to in the next few weeks. So I thought I’d write them all down! Is there anything you are looking forward to in May? or do you have any exciting plans in the next few weeks? Let me know in the comments! So… let’s begin! Here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to next month!!

1.) The release of the new Sarah J Maas book! A Court of Wings and Ruin!


I am so so excited for this book but I also am worried that Sarah J Maas may kill off some of the characters… I don’t want anyone to die!! So here is my two reactions for the release of this book (which will be on May 2nd).



2.) No more academic essay’s… apart from my dissertationΒ 

I am so looking forward to not having to write any more academic essays… ever! My last two essays are due on April 19th and then my dissertation is not due until September. I’m oddly looking forward to writing that though… is that weird?

3. Watching 13 Reasons Why

Links with my previous post due to essays I haven’t had much time to watch TV shows. I haven’t even been able to watch The Walking Dead finale yet! So there is a new TV show out based off the book called 13 Reasons Why and I cannot wait to binge watch it.


4. Travelling

Okay so I won’t actually be travelling this month but I am hoping to book a travel destination for my birthday for September and I am also planning to go to two locations in the UK for dissertation research during the Summer. So I will be planning dates for going there!

5. Nice weather!

So who else is excited for the sun making an appearance this month?! Though I think Winter is my favourite season… I’m fed up of being cold! So I’m hoping for a lot of lovely weather this month. Maybe I could even plan to go on a picnic? or not go out wearing a coat or hoody!



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