6 Countries in 1 Month: Berlin (Germany) Review πŸ’“

So after the last few reviews have been on places in Italy, after we visited Milan we flew to BERLIN! So we were only there for one day (and a night) after having to leave early to train to Frankfurt so we had to cram in as much as possible and trust me we did! Berlin is one of the places which has been on my bucket list. So the background for this trip can be found on my previous posts (there is a lot now so go and read them!) but here is a reminder for the places we travelled to. We being my boyfriend and I:

🌟Belfast, Northern Ireland.

🌟Dublin, Ireland.

🌟Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

🌟Rome, Italy.

🌟Barcelona, Spain.

🌟Florence, Italy.

🌟Bologna, Italy.

🌟Milan, Italy.

🌟Berlin, Germany. 

🌟Frankfurt, Germany. – Review will be posted 14/4/17

🌟Cologne, Germany. – Review will be posted 21/4/17

Where we stayed:

EastSeven Berlin Hostel. This hostel was amazing. It was one of the best ones we had stayed in during our trip. So when we arrived, we were given wristbands when weΒ checked in (which I thought were pretty cool). It wasn’t just to show that we were staying there but if you went to the local pubs in the area they’d give you discounts! For a Standard 8 Bed Mixed Dorm Ensuite it cost both of us €52.28 for one night. The rooms had individual single beds and were quite big. The day we arrived there was a sign saying free food! Apparently one day a week they ask the guests (there was a kitchen there for everyone to use) to cook food in exchange for a free night. As me and my boyfriend arrived quite late, (we got to Berlin early but spent the day cramming as much in as possible) we went into the kitchen and asked the guy (who had already started cooking) if we could have some and if it was possible to make me the same dish but make it vegan… he said yes! The guy was actually in our room too and was so lovely. He cooked for around 10 people and after we finished, he invited us to go out drinking with him and a few others who were also in our room. We declined because we had a super early train the next day. So basically the staff were lovely and our roommates were lovely too!

Where we went:

It’s a must see! I won’t give too much away but the layout of it will definitely make you think. A brilliant museum to commemorate the people who were murdered during WWII.


  • Berlin Wall

The remains can still be seen, the wall’s purpose was to seperate “West Berlin” from “East Berlin” in the early 1960s. Families were seperated and it was almost impossible to get to the other side. The wall was torn down in 1989 uniting Berlin as one.


  • The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

You may read this and wonder what the memorial is but you have probably heard of it. It was unveiled in 2005 and consists of different height blocks. It’s for people to remember the Jewish people who were murdered. There is no signage and many people do not realise that its a memorial. Many people were sitting on the blocks or taking photos of themselves standing on them, I personally don’t agree with them doing that as it the purpose of these blocks is to be a memorial, but it’s my own opinion.


  • Reichstag building

If you don’t know what this building is then it’sΒ the meeting place for the German parliament. During WWII it was set on fire and was not used until the 1990s. This was probably as it reminded the German people of the war but after the Berlin Wall was torn down and Germany was united, it was then used again.



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 stars.

Berlin did not disappoint, it’s an amazing city with so much history! Though I was only there for a day, I would still love to go back!


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