March Favourites! ✨

So another one of my goals this year is to be more minimalist and grateful for things, hence why I am doing this post. So here are my favourite 5 things this March. All of these things can be bought/ordered/done.  Enjoy reading! ✨

1.) Re-watching Charmed Season 1

So this month a new DVD/CD shop opened up in the city in which I live, it’s second hand DVDs but they’ve cleaned the discs so it’s as if they are brand new! Whilst visiting I bought Charmed Season 1 and 2 which cost me Β£2 each… I mean how good is that?! So whilst I’ve been revising I’ve been re-watching Season 1.Β Shannen Doherty is one of my idols so if you haven’t watched Charmed then I’d recommend it!


2.) Tubs of Peanut Butter that are bigger than your face!

So my boyfriend purchased this for me but it actually wasn’t too expensive (around Β£5) and considering the last tub of small peanut butter I bought cost me Β£2.95 then it was worth it! I still have a huge amount left and the brand is so good, 100% peanuts and no palm oil.


3. Cute cards

Okay so I absolutely LOVE cute cards (which is pretty good because I work in a card shop!) and I saw these two a few weeks ago and they are SO cute! I actually bought one and sent to my friends mam for her birthday!


4. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

My March book (the review was posted last week). If you haven’t read it yet then you definitely need to! I mean the ending like wow. You’ll understand. Also what team are you on team Tamlin? or team Rhysand? May needs to hurry up for book three…


and lastly… 4. SicilyΒ 

Okay so when you are reading this, I will be on a plane coming back from Sicily… but the month of March I have been preparing for the trip! I haven’t been travelling since last June… it’s been way too long! I just hope Mount Etna behaves whilst I’ve been there!

Below is a photograph of me travelling last summer in Rome!


So what are your March favourites? Let me know in the comments!


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