Thoughts and Theories on Once Upon A Time 6B (the latest two episodes)

So as a disclaimer: There WILL be SPOILERS. Though I’m assuming if you’ve clicked on this then you have already seen the two episodes and want to know my thoughts on it. If you don’t want any SPOILERS then please click off this now.


So  I didn’t even realise the new half season was back on until I went on Youtube and actually searched for it. Nobody seems to be talking about it and after watching the last two episodes then I can see why… the episodes I am talking about are episode 11 “Tougher Than the Rest” and episode 12 “Murder Most Foul”.

The two latest episodes have gone predictable and though I wasn’t bored watching it, I knew exactly what would happen next. It’s very obvious that Emma has not defeated Gideon as in the vision, she was wearing a different outfit and not her coat. Also if I remember correctly then Snow was there too watching and Regina and Hook wasn’t?

The writers are also trying to make the audience hate Hook, not quite sure why?? As soon as August gave Hook that piece of paper then I knew exactly what had happened to David’s dad and Emma’s granddad.  So the only reason I am still watching this show is because August is back and to be honest, I want him and Emma together. He’s been there looking out for her, her whole life and those two episodes just prove that. Why else would they bring him August back and make Hook’s storyline the way it is? I’ve always loved August and the writers are portraying him as a hero and Hook as a bad guy. We clearly know Hook has changed from the pirate with a vengeance so I’m not sure why they are trying to make us think of him as that again. So yeah, I personally feel the writers are trying to make us want Emma to be with August and not Hook. 

I also think I’ve already figured out the whole Regina not being allowed to have happiness thing and Robin acting sketchy. It’s probably due to David’s wish if you understand then maybe it makes sense. He wished for the evil queen to get everything she deserves and not in a good way, so of course bringing Robin back making Regina feel hope to have him turn into someone else. Bam, wish comes true. I know David was aiming it at the Evil Queen but Regina and her are the same person. It’s been proved that as if one dies then both do.

Also I’m quite interested in Gideon’s storyline but what is it with this show and the age 28? I fear if Once Upon At Time doesn’t go back to the way it was a few seasons ago then it will lose it’s audience (before the Neverland season which was season 3… yes that’s when I started not loving the show). There is still 10 more episodes left of this season, I plan on watching them but if the show doesn’t improve then I won’t be watching it anymore after season 6.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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