6 Countries in 1 Month: Florence (Italy) Review 💓

If you don’t already know the background behind these post then where have you been?! I’m just joking… but go check out my previous posts! So here again is a list of places that we travelled to and I also posted the Barcelona one today (as I was a week behind schedule):

🌟Belfast, Northern Ireland.

🌟Dublin, Ireland.

🌟Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

🌟Rome, Italy.

🌟Barcelona, Spain.

🌟Florence, Italy.

🌟Bologna, Italy.- Review will be posted 24/3/17

🌟Milan, Italy. – Review will be posted 31/3/17

🌟Berlin, Germany. – Review will be posted 7/4/17

🌟Frankfurt, Germany. – Review will be posted 14/4/17

🌟Cologne, Germany. – Review will be posted 21/4/17

Where we stayed:

Hostel 7 Santi, for a 4 bed mixed dorm for 2 nights it cost €79.60 for both of us, though the hostel was amazing! I think it might have been the best one we stayed in during our travels and even though it was a 4 bed with two bunk beds, for the first night we was alone and the second night, someone came in super late and left super early. We was only really in Florence for a full day before we got the train to Bologna! The hotel put on a buffet every night and there was a good selection for breakfast too, it wasn’t in the centre of town either so was lovely and quiet (though it was next to a church but that didn’t affect us).

Where we went:

As we didn’t have that much time in Florence, we spent most of it just wandering around the city and visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci museum. The morning we went to catch our train to Bologna, we got massively screwed over by the bus driver. We got a super early bus to the train station and after getting on and asking for a ticket, the bus driver mumbled something and then carried on driving. We sat down a bit confused, thinking maybe he said that we’d pay at the end. A few stops went by and my boyfriend then asked the driver again if we could buy a ticket, he mumbled something again then ignored him. So my boyfriend sat down and a few minutes later, two ticket inspectors got on and asked us for our tickets. Confused, we asked if we could purchase some and explained the situation. They was not sympathetic at all and fined us on the spot, even making us get off to find a cash point with them as we had no cash! I doubt it was the first time that it happened to tourists and they might even do it on purpose to get money? Other than that experience, Florence itself was lovely and we really loved it. I vowed never to get a bus in Florence again though if we went! So just be wary!

Exploring the city


Our roommate for the night


Leonardo Da Vinci museum


⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 stars.

Though I did love Florence, the rudeness of the bus driver and the unsympathetic ticket inspectors did kindof spoil the end of it. Especially as everyone beforehand had been so lovely and helpful to us! I would go again but avoid using the buses.


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