6 Countries in 1 Month: Barcelona (Spain) Review πŸ’“

I am very sorry about the lateness of this post! It should have been posted last Friday but due to exams this week I just didn’t have the time to post it. So again here is a reminder of the places that I travelled to and if you have no idea the background of this post then scroll down and there is more reviews detailing why me and my boyfriend decided to go travelling:

🌟Belfast, Northern Ireland.

🌟Dublin, Ireland.

🌟Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

🌟Rome, Italy.

🌟Barcelona, Spain.

🌟Florence, Italy.- Review will be also be posted today!

🌟Bologna, Italy.- Review will be posted 24/3/17

🌟Milan, Italy. – Review will be posted 31/3/17

🌟Berlin, Germany. – Review will be posted 7/4/17

🌟Frankfurt, Germany. – Review will be posted 14/4/17

🌟Cologne, Germany. – Review will be posted 21/4/17

Where we stayed:

Diagonal House, for 3 nights in an 8 Bed Dorm it cost €45.00Β per person. There was a bit of confusion when I arrived, after booking a mixed dorm I was put into a single sex dorm whilst my boyfriend was in a mixed dorm. So we wasn’t in the same room, it wasn’t too much bother but I had emailed previously and asked for a mixed room and when I explained they said they didn’t have any room. As I said though,. it wasn’t too much trouble (and apart from one of the girls stealing my half drank bottle of water during the night) I wasn’t too bothered. The rooms had bunk beds and they were a good size. The kitchen was incredibly small but we didn’t use it and there was two rooms for guests to relax in.

Things we did:

So as we was only there for 2 full days, we didn’t really plan on doing that much. Due to the fact we didn’t think that there was much to do in Barcelona. We arrived there super late and after finding the hostel (which took us longer than it should), we had dinner then went to bed. The next day we planned to have a stroll around the town, visit the Sagrada Familia (if you don’t know what that is then go google it!) then head to the beach as we had planned to do months before. The next day we visited Park GuellΒ and then the Magic Fountain! We didn’t even realise that Park Guell was a thing till we go there, so overall there was a lot of walking but so worth it! The Magic Fountain was amazing too!

Having a day at the beach


Visiting the Sagrada Familia


Took a photograph of the “local pigeon” (I know they aren’t pigeons!)Β 


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 stars.

I would go back to Barcelona again, the train system was so much better than all of the other countries we visited and everyone was so lovely!


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