6 Countries in 1 Month: Rome (Italy) Review 💓

Welcome to my fourth blog post on my “6 Countries in 1 Month” blog series!  If you haven’t read the first one (Belfast) or the second one (Dublin) then go check them out as it will also give you some extra information about why I decided to travel!! and if you are interested in Amsterdam then check out my third one too. So (again) here is a reminder of the list of the countries/places we travelled to and stayed (in order.):

🌟Belfast, Northern Ireland.

🌟Dublin, Ireland.

🌟Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

🌟Rome, Italy. 

🌟Barcelona, Spain.- Review will be posted 10/3/17

🌟Florence, Italy.- Review will be posted 17/3/17

🌟Bologna, Italy.- Review will be posted 24/3/17

🌟Milan, Italy. – Review will be posted 31/3/17

🌟Berlin, Germany. – Review will be posted 7/4/17

🌟Frankfurt, Germany. – Review will be posted 14/4/17

🌟Cologne, Germany. – Review will be posted 21/4/17

So after having to head back to the UK for a few days due to prior commitment, my boyfriend, two friends and I went to Rome! The flight was fine but it was a huge kerfuffle trying to get into our hotel aka an apartment that we rented. So before I write of my travels around Rome, me and one of the people I went with watched When in Rome. A 2002 film starring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to give us an idea of the places we wanted to visit. My boyfriend had also been to Rome the summer before so he knew the area and what places we could visit.

Where we stayed:

We had a late flight and I had told the lady who I booked it with that we were due to arrive to the apartment between 9pm and 10pm. When we got into Rome, the number that the lady had given me wasn’t working and so I was unable to ring her. As I knew we might be running a bit late due to the fact we had to catch a bus, I emailed just before we got on the bus. We arrived into the complex at just gone 10pm. The foyer was open so we went in and waited, after around 10 minutes my boyfriend and I wandered around to try to find the door to our apartment. Thankfully the two friends that came with us managed to see a couple in the foyer and ask them for help (they didn’t speak any English and we didn’t speak any Italian so we had to use google translate to communicate). The man tried the phone number for us that we was given and it worked! I’m not sure how it didn’t work for my phone possibly due to the fact its a UK phone(?). So between arriving and waiting etc it was 11pm and the lady was not happy at all. Apparently the woman who I booked it though and emailed was the owner of the property and the phone number given to us was for the lady who looked after it, all very confusing at the time. So the woman said she would charge us extra as she had gone home and then had to come back to let us in. Thankfully after a few minutes she calmed down and apologised (and didnt charge us, we did apologise a lot too so it would have been a bit unfair in my opinion as we did try to let her know!). So that was our first adventure of Rome. All of us were really tired but also really hungry so we went out and found some food. The place we stayed was Cola di Rienzo apartments, the apartment itself was really lovely and clean! It was secure and had two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. It was also down the road from the Vatican so an ideal location!

Places we visited/things we did: 

💓 Trevi Fountain

💓 St Peter’s Square (Vatican)

💓 Castel Sant’Angelo

💓 Supreme Court

💓 Piazza Cavour

💓 Piazza Navona

💓 Pantheon

💓 Tiber Island

💓 Circus Maximus

💓Palatine Hill


💓 Baths of Caracella

💓 Piazza del Popolo

💓 Piazza di Spagna

💓 Borghese Gardens

💓 Piazza del Quirinale (Where we saw that parade)

💓Ara Pacis

Places we ate at:

🍴 Gelateria La Romana
🍴 Taverna Flavia
🍴 La Tavernella
🍴 Ristorante RAF
🍴 Ristorante Anni Cinquanta

 Trevi Fountain


Vegan gelato!


The Colosseum


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 stars.

I really enjoyed Rome and there was so much stuff to do! The people were really friendly and the food was amazing. I’d definitely go back again especially as I spent most of my travels in Italy.


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