January Favourites ✳ Vegan Edition! ✳

So another one of my goals this year is to be more minimalist and grateful for things, hence why I am doing this post. So here are my favourite 5 things this January. All of these things can be bought/ordered.  Enjoy reading! ✨

1.) “Cheese” and Onion Pasty and Chocolate Mousse (VEGAN)


This was purchased  at the York Shambles Market. Made by Once Across the Garden which has a stall there on Saturday and Sundays. This is hands down the BEST vegan chocolate mousse cheesecake I have ever had! I’ve been to the stall twice this month, first to buy a pasty and this time to buy the mousse, I think they’ve only started having a stall there this month as I haven’t noticed them before. I know they go to other markets and events so if you live around the Yorkshire area (in England) then check them out!

2. Midsummer Nights Dream Tealights


So this photo isn’t of tealights but it’s basically the same. These was bought in Clinton Cards and are made by the Yankee Candle Company (which are vegan apart from the beeswax taper candles). I bought them because I really liked the smell and they were on offer.

3. Original Source – Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel


Currently using this at the moment and it smells amazing! I love Original Source products because they are completely vegan and always smell so good! Completely affordable too so if you don’t have any of the items then go out and grab some!

4. VEGO chocolate


I feel that vego will always be my favourite vegan chocolate but I have had it twice this month so it deserves to be added to the list! This chocolate is a mixture between nutella and ferrero rocher (both of which aren’t vegan). This cost me around £3.50 but it is a large bar and definitely worth it!

and lastly…

5. Marks and Spencer’s NEW Vegan sandwiches 


I’m really hoping these new sandwiches aren’t just for Veganuary and that after this month M&S continue to stock them! The two new sandwiches are “Super Green” and “Rainbow Veg” I’ve actually tried both and they are so nice! I think I prefer the Super Green one! Costs £2.50 so again affordable if you are out and want to have a snack ✨

What are your January favourites? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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