Favourite Products To Use! ⭐ All Cruelty Free and Affordable ⭐

You’ll be surprised how many brands out there test on animals! I know in the past I’ve bought make-up, shampoo, conditioner and hand-wash without even wondering if those companies and what I was using on myself had been tested on animals. So that’s why since going vegan a year ago, I try my best to buy everything cruelty free. Of course, there have been times where absentmindedly I’ve forgotten to check but I know (up to date) the products I am using are all cruelty free! So I thought I’d do a “what’s in my make-up bag” and “what’s in my shower” sort of blog.

Shower Gel 


So back in September, I visited a Tescos only to find all of the Original Source products only £1. So being me, I stocked up and I literally spent about £20 on shower gel (and hand wash too). In my shower at the moment I am using the Lemon and Tea Tree one, seen in the photo as the yellow coloured one. All of the products by Original Source are Vegan and tested on humans, so no animals are harmed in making these products (yay). These are sold in supermarkets for £1.80 but in September I know Tescos did a £1 sale on all Original Source so I bought them in bulk.




I have both of these shampoos in my shower at the moment, the first one is “Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo” which was a Christmas gift off my mam, it’s vegan and cruetly free. I think she bought this shampoo in Holland and Barrett. The second shampoo I have is the Superdrug own brand, which also is cruelty free! Both of these shampoos are affordable Dr Organic is £6.29 and Superdrug own brand shampoo is about £2 but is often on sale!



Superdrug own brand conditioner, same as the shampoo which also is cruelty free! Currently using the Aloe Vera & Mango Conditioner (although this picture shows the shampoo version).Costs £2.29 but I bought it in the shop on offer for £0.89.

and now that my shower section is over… onto my make-up bag!



I very rarely wear foundation but when I do, I use my Lavera Mousse in the shade Honey, I bought this in London Wholefoods in August and I still have half of it left! It cost me around £12 I think but I’m sure you can get cheaper online. I bought this purely because I needed a new foundation and I know that this is vegan.



Another product that I bought in August, I actually only bought this a few days after I got the foundation. It was bought in Lush and as I’m sure you’re already aware Lush is a cruelty free company! The mascara cost me £12 which is quite expensive but as I rarely use it and still have plenty left, it has last me for 5 months so far!



I’m currently using the Barry M On Point eyeliner. Barry M is one of the few main make-up brands that do not test on animals! There products are actually super affordable too and this only cost me £4.59. It’s a really good eyeliner too!



I only use this for under my eyes if I’m wearing all my make-up but the colour is so pretty and not too in your face either! It’s the Barry M Illuminating Strobing Cream in the colour Iced Bronze. Again, not tested on animals and afforable costing me £4.49. I bought the eyeliner and bronzer both together in around November time.



As this was a Christmas gift, I’m not sure on the name of the actual perfume but I know the it is Stella McCartney and vegan. I really like this perfume and I wear it almost every day!

As for lipsticks and eye-shadows I currently have none but in the past I’ve owned Barry M lipsticks such as Barry M Shocking Pink which cost me £4.99. The last lipstick I bought was the Soap and Glory: Fuschia Proof costing me £9, although on their website they say they do not test on animals they cannot guarantee that every single one of their ingredients have not been tested on animals in the past, therefore I probably won’t be buying from them again as I do not support companies that partner with others to test on animals or ones that cannot absolutely guarantee their product is cruelty free. As for deodorant and body sprays, again I buy Superdrug Own Brand due to the fact they are cruelty free. I am currently using the “Seduce” spray (photo below.)

I’ve also just recently bought these two items (which are cruelty free and Superdrug’s Own Brand). I haven’t used them yet though as I only bought these yesterday!

Superdrug Own Brand Cleansing Facial Wipes


Superdrug Disposable Twin Blade Razors


Both of these items cost me £1 each, so completely affordable! Hopefully this post will inspire you to be more aware of what you’re buying in the future or maybe you’ve got these products! Feel free to comment below and let me know 😊


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