My Favourite Books Growing Up! Part II ๐Ÿ“–

Due to the fact I enjoyed making the original:”My Favourite Books Growing Up!”๐Ÿ“–ย I’ve decided to make a Part II version. There are so many books I loved and so I feel that just putting down 5 that I have done previously just wasn’t enough! So again these are the book I read and loved between the ages of 6-12. The purpose of this blog post is for you to remember your favourite books growing up or if you want any book ideas for buying for younger readers! So enjoy Part II and if check out the original post (now marked as Part I).

  1. Sophie (book series) by Dick King Smith

I might have just loved these books because my name was Sophie but I do remember fondly reading them. There was six in this series but I only remember reading four of them. The books were published between 1988 and 1995. The Books were:ย Sophieโ€™s Snail,ย Sophieโ€™s Tom, (those are the two I remember reading),ย Sophie Hits Six,ย Sophie in the Saddle,ย Sophie is Seven and Sophieโ€™s Lucky.

The book titles basically sum up the plot of the story and inย the first book she is four years old but throughout the series she grows up and I think in the last book she is eight.

2.ย The Sleepover Club by A Series of Authors

I really enjoyed these books and would always try to find them in the library in Year 7 to read. They even made it into a TV show from 2002-2004 and then season 2 was filmed in 2006 focusing on one of the previous main casts’ cousin and her group of friends. The book is about five best friends who have a sleepover club and each book has a new plot and adventure. The best friends are Frankie, Rosie, Fliss, Lyndsey ย and Laura aka “Kenny”. There are 54 books in this series, I’ve read about 10 of them.

3. Matilda by Roald Dahl



It is a classic and a must read (or if you don’t want to read then you have to see the film!) it was published in 1988 and the plot is about a girl called Matilda aged six but unlike any ordinary six year old she is incredibly clever. She is mistreated by her family and spend most of her time at home cleaning and reading books. Upon realising she has a magical power of telekinesis she decides to pull pranks on her family and later at school when she joins.

4. Charlotte’s Web by E.B White


This was actually a compulsory read in Year 3 but I completely fell in love with the relationship between Charlotte the spider and ย Wilbur the pig. Wilbur originally was meant to be killed when he was born but was saved by a little girl called Fern after a few years Wilbur grows up in a barn with Charlotte and is meant to be sent again to slaughter but with Charlotte’s help they plan to save him. This book was published in 1952 and I read it in 2002 (probably due to its 50th anniversary).

5. The Worst Witch Series by Jill Murphy.


I was completely obsessed with the TV series that was on CITV and I’ve heard they is a new series starting soon on CBBC too! The first book was published in 1974 and the last one was published in 2013! There is currently seven books in this series and I’ve readย The Worst Witch,ย The Worst Witch Strikes Again andย The Worst Witch Saves the Day. The plot is about a girl called Mildred (who unfortunately) isn’t that great at being a witch, she gets up to lots of adventures with her best friend Maud and tabby cat Tabby and has to deal with mean girl Ethel.ย 


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