De-clutter your mind by organising for a more positive 2017 πŸ’–

So as last Monday was “Blue Monday” I though this post wasΒ fitting in keeping yourself organised and happy. It’s Monday, a day which many dread and it’s almost the end of January now too! So as many of you may be starting a new semester in university, started back in school or just have a lot of social/work events coming up then I thought I’d give you some of my input. 2017 is a brand new year!

I think it’s important to buy yourself a new diary and/or calendar. (They’ll probably be on offer to due to the fact it is near the end of January). This way, you can quickly scribble down key dates such as birthdays, doctors appointment, work hours or lecture hours. If you don’t fancy buying anything then use a google calendar instead. πŸ˜ƒ

Something that I have just started doing is having a weekly notepad which means weekly you can write down important events coming up! It’s super useful as I can quickly glance at it and know exactly when my lectures are and what evening events I have. Here is my photo below:


If you are feeling unmotivated one day and feeling a bit down, I suggest writing what you’ve accomplished in the day. It doesn’t have to be anything big and even small achievements matter. For example writing, “had a shower”, “went for a walk” or “did the washing up.”

Lastly, have a huge clean out! I suggest dividing your clothes, DVDs, books etc in piles: keep, throw and charity shop. There is probably so much stuff you don’t need and with all those extra Christmas gifts, I’m sure you’ll have more space if you follow my suggestion.



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