Positive friendships πŸ’–

Sometimes people stumble into your life and change your whole perceptions of things. Often they take you off guard and surprise you. They make you a better person, they share thoughts and ideas that maybe you have never thought of before. Those people give you confidence, they help you grow and help you to access new experiences that you may not have let yourself have without them (for example: travelling somewhere you always wanted to go but being too scared or doing a hobby that you wanted but always said you never had the time to do.)

Those people are like sunshine, they bring warmth and happiness into your life. I’m lucky enough to have that, to find someone who has been able to unlock parts of myself that I never knew was there. Though I feel that you should not go looking for these people, as if you actively seek them out searching for a specific person you will find yourself befriending ones that do the opposite for you. People that who you think are helping you but instead hold you back, control you and never truly allow you to be yourself. Basically to sum up these thoughts in my brain: Do not pour your heart and soul into friendships that may not be that great for you but instead wait for them to find you. ✨

I’d also like to thank the people in my life who were there for me throughout 2016 and continue to be there in 2017. You all know who you areΒ πŸ’–


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