12 things you should know before you turn 23

So October 2017 marks the month I turn 23 years old, it’s a very scary thought and I still feel and look about 18 years old. So in the 10 months I have left of being a 22 year old, I thought I’d do a post to give others an insight into what I’ve learnt. It will also help me reflect on what knowledge I’ve gained and how different thoughts I have to the person I was 5ย years ago.

Disclaimer: This is merely based off my own views and experiences throughout life so far. Just because I have listed something below, does not mean it has to relate to you. This post is merely just to give you an insight into what I’ve learnt and ways to help others too.ย 

So now that disclaimer has been written here is the full list! Enjoyย ๐Ÿ˜Š

1: The majority of people do not have a plan in life. It’s something I was told about 10 months ago and at the time I didn’t believe it, but after graduating in my undergraduate degree I’ve come to realise that statement is so true.

2. The person you are dating at 15 probably won’t be the person you end up marrying. There is a small minority who are very lucky to find “the one” when they are 15 but for the rest of us, it’s incredibly unlikely.

3. Life after university the world probably won’t be your oyster. You’ll have little money and there’s a good chance you might end up moving back home for a while.

4. Friendships are important but family is too. Instead of hanging out with friends all the time, make some time to stay at home too. So many friendships pass by but you only have one family.

5. Just because you want a tattoo or a piercing, doesn’t mean you have to have one right away. There is no rush and you might end up regretting it if you have one done in the spur of the moment.

6. Be kind. It’s an obvious one but sometimes when you’re in a rush or not in one of the best mood. It can be hard to remember. Showing kindness to someone in the street or the person serving you behind the counter can make their day.

7. Have date nights (by yourself). It’s so important to look after yourself and put yourself first once in a while. So go out and treat yourself, go for a long walk, have your favourite food or watch a movie.

8. Go travelling. When you’re in your mid twenties and tied down to a full time job it’ll be incredibly difficult to find time to travel. So I suggest go when you have the time to, even if its somewhere local and only for a few days!

9. Buy things you need rather than things you want.ย It’ll help you save money (trust me) and you won’t end up having over 20 pairs of shoes that you never wear.

10. Get a job when you’re young or if you can’t then volunteer! Education is important but experience is equally important too and will help you when you’re older. I didn’t get a proper job until I was 19 years old, I did try to get one when I was in sixth form but failed miserably.

11. Join a club. If you’re in university I definitelyย recommend joining a society, if you’re still in school then get involved in a club at school or if you’re neither then find a local club to join. You’ll make new friends and be productive. I regret not joining clubs when I was younger such as Girl Guides, or quitting because I worried I wasn’t that good at it (for example, ballet).

12. Do something you enjoy. Rather than doing it/not doing because you feel you should/shouldn’t.ย That can apply to literally anything throughout your life. For example, don’t feel guilty for doing something you love just because other people don’t do it or don’t choose a course that you’re parents want you to do.



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