5 TV shows (that have ended) that I’d recommend you to watch: πŸ“Ί

So as many of you know, I am completely obsessed with watching TV shows. Though I haven’t sat down and binge watched a TV series in quite a while, I thought I’d suggest 5 shows that I’d recommend you watching if you ever have a spare hour or two!

I think this post will be part one and I’ll do a part two in a few days time! All of the shows that I have listed have ended and therefore you don’t have to worry about spoilers of new seasons.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Buffy Summers is a vampire slayer, she is the chosen one and although at the start she doesn’t want to be she ends up embracing what she was chosen for. Season one starts off with her moving to a new school after being kicked out of her old one (due to her slayer responsibilities.) Each slayer has a watcher and Buffy’s happens to be her school librarian called Giles who in later seasons ends up opening a magic shop. Her two best friends Willow and Xander end up finding out her secret and end up helping her on her path.Β It’s a classic and definitely a must watch if you’re into vampires and magic. It ran from 1997 – 2003 and has 7 seasons overall.

My favourite season: 6

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 stars


This show is about three sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe. The first episode is about Phoebe moving back home, much to the dismay of the eldest sister Prue. When Phoebe returns she finds the family spell book in the attic called The Book of Shadows, unknowingly reading a spell she triggers the sisters to have magical powers. The girls were born witches and they are the most powerful of them all. In Season 3 something happens which leads them to find out they have another sister called Paige who was given up for adoption.Β If you love a TV show about families, witchcraft and love then this the show for you. The show ran from 1998 – 2006 and has 8 seasons.

My favourite season: 2

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 stars



Episode one starts with Rachel turning up at the gangs local hangout a coffee shop called Central Perk after fleeing her wedding day to find her old best friend Monica. Rachel then ends up moving in with Monica and becomes a part of her friendship group. The friendship group is Monica’s older brother Ross (who has always had a crush on Rachel), Chandler and Joey (best friends who also live in the opposite apartment from Monica and Rachel) and Phoebe, who used to be Monica’s roommate and is kind of labelled as the odd one. This show is more of a comedy but covers a lot of things that people have to overcome such as relationships, marriages, jobs etc. The show ran from 1994 – 2004 and has 10 seasons.

My favourite season: 5

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 stars

Sabrina The Teenage Witch



On her 16th birthday Sabrina Spellman ends up finding out she is a witch shortly after moving in to live with her aunts and becoming the new girl in school. Season 1-4 she has to learn how to control her powers whilst juggling high school and boyfriend Harvey. Season 5 she goes to college and has to adjust to life without her aunties help all the time and without Harvey. If you like magic and comedy then this a show to watch, it also has a cute and funny cat called Salem in it who is actually a witch who tried to take over the world. The show ran from 1996 – 2003 and has 7 seasons.

My favourite season: 3

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 stars

The Vampire Diaries


Okay, so it hasn’t offically ended yet (not till March 2017 anyway) but it’s on it’s last season so I feel that it fits in perfectly. Originally based off a book series this show was aboutΒ  Elena Gilbert, a girl who had just recently lost her parents in the summer. Season 1 starts off with Elena returning to school with her brother Jeremy for the new school year and meeting the new guy Stefan Salvatore, who turns out to be a 162-year-old vampire. Elena has trouble at first when she realises what he is but it becomes more complicated when Stefan’s brother Damon also returns to the town with a hidden agenda. Elena also has her own friendship group, her best friend Bonnie (who recently realises that she is a witch), Caroline (who sometimes can be mean), Tyler (who also has a secret) and his best friend and also Elena’s ex boyfriend Matt who is still in love with her. Season 7 and 8 has been more about the brothers as the main character of Elena decided not to return. The show ran from 2009-2017 and has 8 seasons.

My favourite season: 2

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 stars


If anyone decides to watch these shows then leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


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