Thoughts On Toxic Friendships


Why is it when someone is lonely they draw themselves back to people who are not good for them? People in the past who have upset and let them down and yet in these times of feeling lonely they go back to these unhealthy friendships or relationships?

Surely instead they should branch out. Make new friends. I myself have fallen into the same trap in the past. Rekindled old friendships from which have not benefited me and have held me back and ultimately the cycle continues and the friendship or relationship ends once again.

If you are in a friendship purely because you do not want to be alone then you are in the wrong friendship. Do not settle for someone who in the past has been bad for you. Be positive and do not be afraid to branch out and make new friends.Β 

So those of you who are reading, I set you a challenge to make at least one new friend this year 🌟



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